Andrey Gavrilov
39 y.o. Product Manager, Novosibirsk, Russia
Downloadable CV
I'm a product manager based in Novosibirsk and ready to relocate. I have strong background in programming; business and system analysis; project and team management. I'm currently open to job offers.

I will fit your company if you need to:
1. Launch product with complex technical idea behind.
2. Handle "internal startup" model within large organization.
3. Build software development processes and team from ground up for new product.
— Team management: education, assessments, planning, hiring (team of 5 directly under me, grew from 2).
— Taking part in company strategy planning.
— Fast project evaluation. In the current company I participate in decisions whether the project should be taken into production.
— Business and system analysis.
— User interface design.
— Team management. As the first analyst team lead for the company, I established documentation standards and took part in developing processes for the projects.
— Strategy planning. As part of management team I proposed some steps which helped company recover from financial crisis.
— Project evaluation. For my previous company I've helped the board to get rid of bad and potentially very harmful decision by constantly evaluating both technical and direct financial risks of the solution.
Professional skills
— Project and team management, leadership;
— Unit economics and related analytics;
— Customer development;
— User experience;
— Business and system analysis;
— Software development for mobile, web and desktop.
— Mobile app hypotheses testing specific (in Russian)
— Managing application state in Flutter (in Russian)
— Cross-platform mobile framework comparison (in Russian)
Educational cases
During my career I've worked on dozens of projects. Here are some examples.
Work experience
Analyst Team Lead at Siberian.Pro
Responsible for managing analysts group and performing the most complex analytics tasks.
Business / System Analyst at SMSFinance
Worked on fintech with tasks challenging from both business and technical perspective. User interface prototyping was part of the job.
Presale Analyst at Sibers
Performed preliminary analysis for hundreds of projects to propose initial solution for customers.
Project Manager at Sibers
Performed planning, monitoring, communication and risk management for a number of projects for external customers.
Software Developer at Sibers
Created several projects using variety of programming languages.
Freelance Software Developer
Worked on creating web sites, including back-end and front-end programming and web design.
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